A Labyrinth, is a place to find yourself

“A Maze, is a place to lose yourself in. While a Labyrinth, is where you go to find yourself.” This is my experience while visiting Red Sun Labyrinth, Victor, MT.

I followed a winding trail through the forest, until I came upon an opening at the trails end which than gave way to a lush meadow. The sun is shining, a gentle wind blows and the meadow is teaming with life. There are song birds, wild flowers, butterflies, the chirping sounds of insects, and the gentle humming of Bumblebees.

Directly ahead stands the vine-covered gates of the Red Sun Labyrinth. There is an unmistakable sense that I have arrived in a truly sacred place. A knowing that I was about to step through more than a simple gate of the physical world, but instead pass through a portal into the realm of spirit.

I came to the Labyrinth holding a single question in mind. With great intention, I passed through the gates and into the Labyrinth. Upon entering, I have a sense of trepidation, and chose to sit on a bench that lay at the entrance. After gathering myself, and my courage, I step onto the pathway. I walk silently, deliberately along the path which briefly leads in the direction of the center, but then changes course. There are times the path would lead me so close to the center, only to change direction again and divert me from my goal. Often the path seemed to take me further away from the center, as though I’d made no progress what so ever.

With every switch back and turn along the way, I began to notice words can be found at each of these turning points. The words are made by carefully placed sticks, some were left by those before me, and some I now chose to form myself. After some time, I recognize that it’s as though I’m back at the beginning again, only this time the center awaits me.

At the heart of this great Labyrinth, I discovered the most beautiful place to leave an offerings to all those I Love and hold dear. There are trinkets and offerings left by all those souls who have come before me. It’s a humbling experience, an emotional experience, one that I am eternally grateful for. I leave a few pieces here from me, its my tribute of eternal love.

In looking to the horizon, majestic mountains bear witness to my very existence. After some time has passed, how much is difficult to know, I began making my way back along the path, messages aligning for me along the way. These messages reinforce their meaning, along with several additional epiphanies. As I’m close to existing this place, I stop and stand in quiet reflection, taking in all the beauty of this place. It is in this moment of reflection, here in this magical place, that doubt enters my mind. Could the messages I’ve just received, really have been meant for me? Was this all just some wonderful coincidence that randomly came together in a meaningful way?

As my mind turns with anxiety and self-doubt, I’m interrupted by a shadow that catches my eye. In this very moment, a beautiful Red tailed Hawk gently swoops down directly over me. I watch in awe as it silently and effortlessly glides above me and across the entire length of the Labyrinth. I could barely believe that it appeared in this moment and so close to me. I was breathless as it landed in the branches of a nearby tree and seemed to disappear. This is synchronicity at work, and I feel that in this moment, Spirit has given me my answer. In this moment, I am so overwhelmed with emotions, tears are streaming down my face, and I am filled with the deepest of gratitude.


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